Sea freight

Marmara has extensive experience in shipping, as it deals with all major shipping companies and the largest ports in the world. Moreover, it offers integrated services for all types of shipments, including: Full container load Load less than a full container Non-containerized shipments and oversized cargo Rolling goods (vehicles and cargo transported on wheels) By coordinating with our extensive network of air or land freight, we can provide you with sea freight services from port to port, door to port, or door to door. Just select the points "A" and "B", and we will connect them. Marmara also offers you all transportation services, from reserving a place for your shipment and arranging for receipt and delivery to issuing documents and paying customs duties. Everything is done according to your requirements and in line with the import and export laws of each country. Our global presence and high volume purchasing power ensure our customers have the best prices and the widest choice of ships.

Air Freight

We send shipments to almost anywhere in the world. Also, Marmara International Company gives you access to all parts of the world with the greatest flexibility. Although there are some restrictions on weight or size, we will carry your shipment if it is sized to fit the aircraft. Our interconnected networks of air and land transport provide you with door-to-door shipping service, anywhere on the world map. All you have to do is track your shipment online to get continuous and immediate updates on the status of the shipment at any time throughout its trip abroad. Our international shipping experts help you solve problems and avoid delays, and they are always a call or SMS away. Service advantages: Fast transportation of your international shipments around the world. • You can choose between door-to-door shipping services, airport to airport or door to airport. • Real-time tracking capability gives you peace of mind by tracking your shipment's path anywhere. Packing solutions for safe transportation. • Professional service for completing shipping documents and customs procedures. • competitive prices.

Sale of containers

Marmara containers are used as an effective and safe way to transport goods during the many stages of transport that they go through, such as sea, land, car or train transport. This method is called multi-modal cargo transportation in the multiplicity of transportation modes for shipments. Our line of ships travel along shipping routes known with a specific schedule. Marmara aims and exerts utmost efforts to provide safe transportation for all shipments shipped on its ships by following all ISO requirements and also following all advanced international safety standards. There are several container sizes used to transport goods, ranging from 20 feet to 53 feet. As for containers with areas from 20 feet to 40 feet, they are the typical sizes that are used in marine navigation due to the ease of arranging them, as they conform to the standards of navigation and also the methods of carrying and handling them, such as, marine cranes, transport vehicles, ship cranes, port cranes, trains. We use 20-foot containers, known as TEU (20-foot equivalent units) and 40-foot containers, known as FEU (40-foot equivalent units). As soon as the shipment is placed inside our containers, the container is sealed and sealed with a serial seal and is only opened when it reaches the required place..

General Trading

Whether you are a trader, investor or manufacturer wanting to enter the world of import from abroad, especially from Turkey, export to the foreign market and find your desired products with the best quality and lowest price, you are in the right place. We can help you by providing products of a global nature or exporting your products, shipping them and displaying them in foreign markets, and also finding you permanent customers for your product to achieve global achievement for you. As our company supplies everything that the local market needs, either for our company or for other institutions from all over the world. Our goal is to comfort the customer and avoid entering into disturbing details, and we are keen, with all the knowledge and experience we have, to be partners for our customers, we always push them to success